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Some discharge is normal, especially discharge that is emitted during sex (this keeps the vagina lubricated). Most discharge that women experience regularly, however, stems largely from their diets and from having unprotected sex. Everything you eat makes its way into your vaginal canal, so whenever a woman has a diet high in meats, dairy, and processed foods it makes her vaginal environment acidic. These foods also contribute to the spreading of bacteria from the anus to the vagina - which also creates discharge. When a man eats poorly (and drinks or smokes) it makes his sperm acidic, and having unprotected sex with him will contaminate a woman's vaginal environment and subsequently cause discharge.

The vagina cannot cleanse itself if its good flora (also known as "good bacteria") is overwhelmed. A constant influx of acid, bacteria, and yeast - largely from the diet we consume and the diet of our sex partner - prevents the vagina from cleansing itself the way it was designed to. Low estrogen levels also impacts the vagina's ability to cleanse itself.

Store-bought douches should never be considered when contemplating when/if to douche. Our organic herbal douche can be used safely up to two times a week, although we recommend use only once a week. The frequency at which your body will require you to douche depends solely upon you - your diet, sexual activity, and choice of sanitary products.

Pregnant women are advised not to douche unless otherwise instructed to do so by their ob/gyn. Every precaution should be taken to safeguard the well-being of the developing baby inside of you.