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“Being with my husband for as long as I have, it helps to have something that can make our relationship interesting. Dealing with our kids and our careers is stressful. This helps to spice things up a bit! LOL.”

M.A., Winterville, NC

“ As a woman on mirena this made me feel soooo clean, and so much better!”

Y.D., Jamestown, NC

“I really wanted to try this for me because I have cancer cells. I always have an abnormal pap, which makes my pH crazy because of what is going on inside. This really made me feel fresh. I have no odor or discharge. The doctors say that douching is bad but I can honestly say it really made a difference for me.”

A.S., Miami, FL

“I used the douche last night and fell asleep. Why did I wake up feeling on top of the world???? I feel like my guts got vacuumed. I never had vagina problems but this boosted my ego...”

A.J., Philadelphia, PA

“I love the scent, it was light and refreshing. I smelled my panties when I got home and there was no scent at all! I was shocked. Normally I have some type of scent but it was like I didn't even wear the panties.”

E.A., Atlanta, GA