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“Being with my husband for as long as I have, it helps to have something that can make our relationship interesting. Dealing with our kids and our careers is stressful. This helps to spice things up a bit! LOL.”

M.A., Winterville, NC

“ As a woman on mirena this made me feel soooo clean, and so much better!”

Y.D., Jamestown, NC

“I really wanted to try this for me because I have cancer cells. I always have an abnormal pap, which makes my pH crazy because of what is going on inside. This really made me feel fresh. I have no odor or discharge. The doctors say that douching is bad but I can honestly say it really made a difference for me.”

A.S., Miami, FL

“I used the douche last night and fell asleep. Why did I wake up feeling on top of the world???? I feel like my guts got vacuumed. I never had vagina problems but this boosted my ego...”

A.J., Philadelphia, PA

“I love the scent, it was light and refreshing. I smelled my panties when I got home and there was no scent at all! I was shocked. Normally I have some type of scent but it was like I didn't even wear the panties.”

E.A., Atlanta, GA

Customer FAQs

Find answers to our most popular questions. 

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Is discharge normal?

Some discharge is normal, especially discharge that is emitted during sex (this keeps the vagina lubricated). Most discharge that women experience regularly, however, stems largely from their diets and from having unprotected sex. Everything you eat makes its way into your vaginal canal, so whenever a woman has a diet high in meats, dairy, and processed foods it makes her vaginal environment acidic. These foods also contribute to the spreading of bacteria from the anus to the vagina - which also creates discharge. When a man eats poorly (and drinks or smokes) it makes his sperm acidic, and having unprotected sex with him will contaminate a woman's vaginal environment and subsequently cause discharge.

Does the vagina cleanse itself?

The vagina cannot cleanse itself if its good flora (also known as "good bacteria") is overwhelmed. A constant influx of acid, bacteria, and yeast - largely from the diet we consume and the diet of our sex partner - prevents the vagina from cleansing itself the way it was designed to. Low estrogen levels also impacts the vagina's ability to cleanse itself.

When should I douche, and how often?

Store-bought douches should never be considered when contemplating when/if to douche. Our organic herbal douche can be used safely up to two times a week, although we recommend use only once a week. The frequency at which your body will require you to douche depends solely upon you - your diet, sexual activity, and choice of sanitary products.

Is it safe to douche while pregnant?

Pregnant women are advised not to douche unless otherwise instructed to do so by their ob/gyn. Every precaution should be taken to safeguard the well-being of the developing baby inside of you.

4EverFresh Organic Herbal Douches

The 4EverFresh Organic Herbal Douches can be used while sitting on a toilet, or while inside of a shower. Most women find the shower to be the most suitable place to douche because one leg should be propped at a 45 degree angle for nozzle insertion.

To douche:

Make sure your hands and fingers are clean. Remove nozzles from their plastic covers, remove caps from douche bottles, and attach nozzles to douche bottles. Insert the nozzle, squeeze the bottle to begin flushing the vaginal canal. Remove the nozzle, allow the fluid to naturally exit the vagina; insert the nozzle and squeeze again. Repeat this process, until the majority of the douching fluid has been used. For first-time users, it is recommended that both bottles are used for a thorough cleanse.

DIY Douches

The process for preparing your 4EverFresh DIY douches is very similar to the process of making tea. Your DIY kit comes with everything you need...you simply have to provide your own sterilized pot. The solution provided inside of the two (2) douche bottles you received should be allowed to boil quickly and then removed from heat; the accompanying herb bag should be steeped inside of this solution for 15-20 minutes. The completed herbal solution can either be poured into the two (2) original douche bottles that accompanied your DIY kit OR the solution can be poured into your 4EverFresh irrigator. To prepare your DIY hybrid douche follow these same steps above, and then evenly distribute the miniature honeydip into each of the two (2) douche bottles. This douche fluid + honeydip can also be poured inside of your irrigator. Shake well before use. Enjoy!

4EverFresh Detox Pearls

Before attempting to use the 4EverFresh detox pearls determine if you’ll just be using one detox pearls, or multiple pearls. The string for each pearl must be unraveled. To do so, pull at the small piece of string extending from the base of the detox pearl. If you will be using 2-3 pearls at once be sure to tightly tie the pearls together using their strings. Using a large tampon applicator (pearls inserted inside with string extended from the bottom of the applicator), or sitting in a squatting position, are the easiest insertion methods. When inserting the detox pearl(s) be sure to insert as close to the cervix as possible. Detox pearls should be left inside for up to 72 hours. Discomfort and slight cramping can be common. If discomfort becomes unbearable quickly remove the pearl(s) by pulling on its string(s). While detoxing with the pearls, be sure to check for the extended string each time you use the restroom.

4EverFresh Steaming Herb Blend

You will need: a sterilized medium-sized pot, 8 cups of distilled water, 1/4 cup of dried herbs, a large bowl (to place inside toilet), a large towel or blanket, and two (2) 8 fl oz bottles of drinking water.

Bring distilled water to a soft boil (5 minutes), pour 1/2 of the boiled water into the large bowl you have placed inside of your toilet, and add herbs.
Wave your hand 8-10 inches above the bowl to make sure the water isn't too hot. Drink your first 8 fl oz of water; remove your underwear, sit on the toilet, and drape the towel around your waist to trap the steam.
Once the steam dies down dump the fluid & repeat the process with the remaining water & herbs. Reheat water if needed. Once your steaming is complete, drink your second 8 fl oz of water.

4EverFresh Lemon Lightening Scrub

To use the 4EverFresh lemon lightening scrub, apply directly to the areas in need of lightening. To increase the strength of the scrub customers are encouraged to lather with their preferred 4EverFresh soap before applying a small amount of the scrub to areas in need of lightening. Apply the scrub to the desired area(s) and rub/massage to scrub into the skin.

4EverFresh On-the-Go (OTG) Cleansing Spray

The 4EverFresh OTG cleaning spray can be used by applying the spray directly to the skin. During your menses the spray is helpful for keeping you clean and fresh during each napkin/tampon change. By spraying directly onto tissue paper the OTG cleansing spray can be used to create instant “feminine wet wipes”.

4EverFresh Organic Aluminum-Free Deodorant

The 4EverFresh organic aluminum-free deodorant can be applied using a clean finger, or by using a wooden craft stick (commonly referred to as a popsicle stick). Some customers will strengthen the odor-fighting power of the deodorant by first spraying their underarms with the OTG spray, and then applying the 4EverFresh deodorant on top of it. This method also allows for smoother application of the deodorant.

The 4EverFresh organic vaginal oil

The 4EverFresh organic vaginal oil can be applied directly onto the labia and clitoris, and also inside of the vagina as a lubricant. Only 1-2 squirts are required.

4EverFresh Yummy Scrubs

The 4EverFresh yummy scrubs are ideally used while showering. Application varies depending on personal preference. Some customers apply the scrub directly to the areas in need of exfoliation, while other customers lather with their preferred 4EverFresh soap before applying a small amount of the scrub to areas in need of exfoliation. To exfoliate using our yummy scrubs, simply apply the scrub to the desired area and rub/massage to scrub into that area.


The HoneyDip was designed to be used immediately after a bath/shower – and is applied by the customer dipping a finger into the jar and rubbing the infused honey inside of the vaginal canal. While some customers opt to soak an organic tampon in the HoneyDip and insert it overnight, other customers are currently inserting 1mL of the HoneyDip using sterile saline flush applicators. This method is preferred, as it prevents mess and allows the infused honey to coat the vaginal tract.

4EverFresh probiotics

4EverFresh probiotics should be inserted before bedtime.

The 4EverFresh vaginal tightening capsule

The 4EverFresh vaginal tightening capsule is used by inserting the capsule into the vaginal canal 60+ minutes prior to sex. The capsule will dissolve. To remove any undesired taste that may result from the dissolved capsule you can douche with any one of the 4EverFresh organic herbal douches OR you can douche with warm distilled water.