Order Fulfillment & Shipping Policy Updated 11/28/23

Address Change Requests

We do not, under any circumstances, alter or update customer shipping information. We have fraud detection services attached to our Shopify store, and shipping addresses are just one of many data points used to determine if an order is potentially fraudulent. Scammers are sophisticated, and will use one shipping address to avoid an order being flagged as fraudulent - and then contact the business and request for the address to be changed so that they can receive the order at a different address. THIS is the reason why we are vocal and adamant about NOT changing shipping addresses. 
It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the shipping information provided is accurate/up-to-date. If/when a customer has realized an incorrect shipping address has been used accidentally, they have 24 hours to notify us so that we can CANCEL the order. Refund/cancellation requests made outside of that 24 hour window are not honored.


 Order Fulfillment

Many of your 4EverFresh favorites are made, poured and bottled by hand; these items are also made “fresh to order” – which means shipping times will vary between 15-20 business days. During 4EverFresh restocks, an extremely high volume of orders are placed, and as a result  customers can expect a wait-time of approximately 20 business days to receive their order(s). 


The carrier service provider (UPS) is obligated to get your package to you according to the delivery service you have paid for ONCE WE FULFILL THE ORDER and put it in UPS' possession. Paying for 2-day or next-day delivery doesn't mean that 4EverFresh fulfills your order within that allotted time. There may be literally hundreds of orders placed on our website before your order, and since we fulfill orders chronologically all of those orders would be packed and shipped out before we fulfill your order.


4EverFresh currently ships nationally and internationally. While UPS is the preferred carrier for fulfillment of 4EverFresh customer orders there are special instances where orders are shipped out via USPS (e.g. military APO addresses). International customers, please check UPS shipping availability in your country prior to placing your order.

Once orders are shipped, accountability for parcels/packages is transferred to the carrier service provider. As such, 4EverFresh does not assume liability for circumstances out of its direct/immediate control - specifically:

 a) shipping timelines that vary outside of typical USPS/UPS service deadlines

b) carrier damage of parcels

c) carrier mis-deliveries of parcels

d) parcels returned to sender if not received by customer when delivery is attempted

e) shipping routes that deviate from typical carrier routes, causing delay in parcel delivery